Topic: ftp probleem

Good morning.

I have a question I can not log into the ftp to upload files to the server I also get this error message when I try through the file manager. would you guys here to be able to watch for me.

The error occured in file/home/mainhost/www/releases/3/public/file-manager/includes/ on line 128.
function ftp_openconnection (/home/mainhost/www/releases/3/public/file-manager/modules/browse/ on line 459) function net2ftp_module_printBody (/home/mainhost/www/releases/3/public/file-manager/ on line 317) function net2ftp (/home/mainhost/www/releases/3/public/file-manager/index.php on line 108) argument is 0: print Body.

Best regards.

Anton van essen

Re: ftp probleem

Can you provide us full ftp connection log so we could investigate?