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Topic: Setup Email Service

Does anyone know what i need to do if i wanted to use my domain as an email service?

Basically i want to set it up so that people can create email addresses for their own use on my domain.

They are able to Create Accounts, Login, Check and Send Emails,  Request Lost Passwords etc...

Anyone who can point me in the right direction to do this will be much appreciated.

I cant find anything in Softaculous that would be of any help.


Re: Setup Email Service

Hello Dave,

You can create email accounts by going to your domain's cPanel -> Email Accounts. There in the section "Add Email Account" you will be able to create new email account's with your chosen options.

Thom V.

Re: Setup Email Service

Hi Thom,

Yeah i knew that lol ..

What im after is using my domain a bit like Hotmail or Gmail ... Where people can sign up there own email addresses.

Re: Setup Email Service

You can use your domain name like this, but I believe it won't be possible to make their email account creation automated. You would have to develop a sign up form and then create/approve those accounts manually. The automatic creation would not be possible due to restrictions made by cPanel and as well for security reasons.