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Topic: Resource Limit Is Reached

After years of mostly trouble free hosting of my website, over the past few months my forum users keep getting this message "Resource Limit Is Reached" I am unable to resolve this problem.
Also in phpMyAdmin cannot change anything because of this message "Error in Processing Request
Error code: 401
Error text: Access Denied"

Re: Resource Limit Is Reached

It may be that your site/forum hitting one or more of the hosting account's resource limits. You can check on this via the 'resource Usage' icon on your control panel. If the error you mentioned is a frequently re-occurring issue - you may need to consider migrating to a VPS account. As for the phpMyadmin error you mentioned - please have a ticket open from Help Desk section to have our support staff investigate it .

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Re: Resource Limit Is Reached

I have the same erro , and the problem is sometime it happens when there is only me on my forum. there is no way  from 1 person a few clicks can reach the recource limits.....

Re: Resource Limit Is Reached

Visitor/user count is not the only factor to reach the resource limit. Any scripts that is run on your account uses resources so you may want to look into optimizing them or disabling some plugins if any and then checking if that helps.