Topic: Issues since 17 July

As the title states, there have been multiple issues since transferring from 000webhost.  The first issue involved a security action which was unnecessary, but appreciated, occurring and was resolved after the weekend.  Next came a plague of cgi index and 404 errors that worked themselves out for myself, but nobody else within the site.  After becoming aware of the issue last night, I made my inquiry this afternoon as to what was going on.

Now, less than an hour after getting home, I find that my site was reverted back to the way it was on 17 July, both in members, posts and edits.  I am unable to post the pictures within the site and I apologize for the size, but the difference in my site can be seen here: … =2&t=9

I have already brought this matter to someone within the chat system, and he has requested that wait yet another 24 hours for the matter to resolve itself.

At first, I was understanding, now I am beginning to think is going to be an ongoing issue.

Re: Issues since 17 July

This site seems to be hosted poorly. I can't even use

Re: Issues since 17 July

shadowvan, we have responded to your tickets.

christianwead, your domain will be activated shortly, our apologies for the inconvenience.