Topic: Upgrading from silver to gold

I have silver plan currently and I am wondering if I'll decide to upgrade later will my current account will be closed and new one opened or will it be seamless? I do not want to loose my files and configuration.

Re: Upgrading from silver to gold

Upgrade from SILVER to GOLD is seamless and instant, only the billing would be changed.

You can upgrade your account directly from  the members area > list accounts (Upgrade BUTTON).


Re: Upgrading from silver to gold

Is there any promotions for upgrading? Would I lose any remaining Silver time?

Re: Upgrading from silver to gold

Hello pa,

You may receive upgrade from silver to gold package if you are referred by

The subscription time on your account would be shortened accordingly in order to reflect the price difference between silver and gold plans (it is approximately 30% more expensive, so you would loose about one third of your current subscription).

Thank you for your inquiry.