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Need some clarification on IP Ban Policy.

Some Preface:
We are Malaysian based, and so for most of our clients.
So most (if not all) of our email users will be Malaysians accessing from a Malaysian ISP with a Malaysian IP.

Most of us are on dynamic public IP. Except for those that can afford the ridiculous premium for fix IPs. And some of us are on ISPs that put users under NAT and share a public IP.

So whitelisting makes no sense, as in a day or 2 we will have a different IP, and for those under NAT we will be whitelisting a group of people instead of 1.

I've recently subscribed to the Reseller Business Package and still in the process of migrating my clients over from my previous host, as a few clients have specifically requested to be relocated to a US based hosting server, as your efficient live chat support has confirmed before we committed.

A couple of days back while doing mass FTP uploads I got IP banned. Contacted live chat support and the lift was done very quickly and efficiently.

I suspect this will happen again, either to me, or worst, one of the users of my clients.
To them, not being able to login to their email is the same as server being down.
And I will start getting complains about: "Why are we paying for a host that is always down", "Why have we migrated to a host that I can't login", etc etc.

So what I would like to know is:
What are the policies on IP Ban?
What are the conditions that may trigger it?
Will the IPs in Blacklist expire or will they remain there indefinitely?
If they do expire, how long or under what condition will they expire and be removed from blacklist?
Would it be possible to loosen the conditions and restrictions on IP Blacklists and expiration?

Thank You

Re: IP Ban Policy

IP ban conditions vary for each server. Please write a support ticket and we will check your server.

Re: IP Ban Policy

I wonder if they have server firewalls on all their servers, or if there is just one controlling all servers.
Maybe someone can shed some light on this?

Re: IP Ban Policy

We do have firewall installed on each of our servers.

Re: IP Ban Policy

Arnold wrote:

We do have firewall installed on each of our servers.

Thanks for getting back to us. Thats great to know smile