Topic: Deleted cpanel A record

I deleted the A record from the advanced zone editor which I was trying to set up a proxy server to access cpanel from any ip address. After doing that I was unable to re-add the cpanel subdomain to upload the cpanel proxy. Now I can't even get to the cpanel login page. I therefore have no access to my files and other cpanel functionality. I think the solution is to re-add the cpanel A record to the advanced zone editor but how is that possible now at this stage. Need urgent help!!!! Thanks.

Re: Deleted cpanel A record

Hey Chan!

Please use "reset DNS zone" feature from your cPanel > Advanced DNS zone and it will reset it to default.

Alternatively, please provide us your domain name and we will re-add it for you.

Also, the best way to contact us and get faster support via your Hosting24 account > Helpdesk section.