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Topic: Cleaning Day

Hosting24 is almost a world leader in providing web hosting service.

I think that the servers host tens of thousands of customers. Unfortunately, most of them abusing Hosting24 services.

I know that hosting24 automatically suspend abusive websites, but this system is not perfect, it has a few glitches.

These abuses cause many inconveniences for loyal customers and potential customers:

Servers shut down
Slow loading pages, packet loss (often)
Frequently downtimes
The mails are marked as spam by Google, Yahoo! etc.
Bad reviews on forums, blogs etc.

My personal opinion is that Hosting24 should choose a day to manually review all websites hosted on the servers.

I realize that this operation is not simple, but someone has to do it.

Let's make Hosting24 a truly world leader in providing web hosting service.

Re: Cleaning Day

Hi, thanks for your review! And for being our valued customer smile

You are correct, fighting with abusive clients (those who host ddos scripts / spam scripts / etc) is a challenge.

We are working on creating automated systems to detect potential abusers and they should be implemented with the next server batch (in a few weeks). Hopefully everyone will see a BIG improvement in speeds.

Re: Cleaning Day

This is absolutely amazing news!

The abusive clients are the only problem for me.