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I have a problem some time now with domain creation. This affects subdomains and addon domains (possibly Parked domains as well but I haven't checked it).

I can create a subdomain through cPanel with no problem or error, but when I try to access it with my browser, I don't get the contents of the folder I specified during the creation but a random folder, which I don't even know where it is (my guess, I get a folder from another account).

Now, if I delete the subdomain, again no errors from cPanel, but the link still works, still pointing to that random folder. Moreover, whatever change I make to the folder that the subdomain is pointing to, through cPanel, makes no difference.

The only workaround is to submit a ticket each time I create or change a subdomain. The response is usually instant and the particular subdomains are fixed very quickly.

I hope someone looks into this since using the ticket system for such a simple job is hardly efficient.


Re: Domain creation

I doubt they will fix it. Regular staff members visits the forum to answer questions only. They would have to fix this problem since you have contacted.

Admin occasionally visits the forum to post changelogs and respond to important topics. If you specifically need to speak the admin, send a support ticket and ask to forward the ticket to the company CEO.

PS: The help desk is for account issues, not the forum.

Re: Domain creation

You are getting the different folder contents because the web server (apache) needs to be restarted for the new subdomain/addon domain to be fully set up on the server. Apache is usually restarted every 5 minutes thus if You are trying to view the contents immediately after the creation, You will see some other page. Please try giving more time after the creation of new subdomain/addon domain and it should work fine.

Re: Domain creation

Yes I am also having this issue on my website