Topic: You are the worse!!!
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It was stupid so we did not do anything. Then you took down my web site. I contacted you and you put it back up!
But when you did it you got it removed from Google and Yahoo when anyone looks for "Costa Rica Private Investigator"
It was you!!!!!! That got me removed,in 10 years Ive been 2-3 and because of you I am gone! Now you have 1 day to fix your mistake and dont give me anymore bull shit!
Doug (07:10:49): The attorneys at Google yesterday told my attorney that it was your mistake.
Doug (07:13:05): Every Private Investigator and cop in the world is pissed at you!
Doug (07:14:14): Including the U.S. Embassy because we do some work for them

Re: You are the worse!!!

Did you get this resolved Doug?