Topic: How many domains on Silver?

How many domains can you host with Silver? I see subdomains ticked but not addon domains, what are they for?

Re: How many domains on Silver?

I believe you need to have Gold plan if you want to host many domains under the same hosting plan. With silver plan they provide unlimited subdomains/parked domains.


Re: How many domains on Silver?

What's the difference between subdomains and parked domains?

Re: How many domains on Silver?

The difference between subdomains and addon domains is described below:

Sub domain

* Lets say your domain is mysite.com.
* You install a Message Board and put in in a directory called mysite.com/board/.
* You can turn the directory board into a sub-domain by adding it as a sub-domain from your Control Panel.
* Now you can access your Message board as either mysite.com/board OR board.mysite.com
* This costs you nothing and is free.

Add-On Domains

* You have two domains mysite.com and my-other-site.com.
* You want the two domains to be totally separate/independent websites.
* In order to have additional add-on domains you need to purchase them from registrar.