Topic: Servers down the entire week?

When I try to access my webpage, I get a big SORRY message, and nothing works. I got told in the start of the week that you are working on server issues, and got told Thursday morning that you were transferring to a new server. Still nothing.
I also find no news anywhere about this. What's going on?

Re: Servers down the entire week?

Transfer to the new server is already completed. Please submit new ticket regarding this matter via Members Area -- > Help Desk section or come to live chat and we will fix this issue ASAP.

Re: Servers down the entire week?

I`m locked out of my site with message
Help me please!

Re: Servers down the entire week? allow using up to 20% of CPU power for our customers per website. You will see CPU Exceeded page because website has reached CPU usage limit on the server, and it was temporarily disabled. To avoid this, we highly recommend upgrading to premium at

Please note, the limits reset every 24 hours.