Topic: Staff Rating Force

I believe it is clients' discretion to rate the staff or not although I know our ratings are valuable. So, it is better to give client options to skip rating and reply immediately.

Some responses I really do not know how to give rating:

- "done" responses
e.g. I have changed the username as requested

- "Any more questions" responses
e.g. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to...

- Requiring reason responses
e.g. Please provide us your login credentials before we can investigate further.

Those above are some kind of responses cannot be rated (but I gave them all 5 stars for their accurate grammar) but clients are forced to rate.

Not only that, the staff rating force also has some bugs:

1. "Please rate the last reply from our staff before reopening this ticket:"
This message shows even for on hold tickets. Then there will be grammatically error, because on hold status means the ticket is already open, how to reopen again?

2. After I rated, it seems does not rate the staff at all because I can still give rating on each of the individual response.

3. After rated and responded, if I revisit the ticket again, I still have the option to rate for the last reply from staff.

Re: Staff Rating Force

We will be reworking the staff rating system soon, thank you for the feedback!