Topic: Security Tips

Hi Guys,

I thought i'd make a topic about security tips. Feel free to add your tips below smile Here are a list of mine you can use to secure your virtual server.

- Change port by editing /etc/ssh/sshd_config
- Install CSF firewall
- Disable root access
- Install cloudflare
- Use SSH Keys
- Keep server updated using yum update

So, why not add your tips below.

Re: Security Tips

If you choose to keep password authentication ON (in /etc/ssh/sshd_config) it is a good idea to have the DenyHosts software/script installed. It will analyze your VPS authentication logs to identify cases of brute force attacks and ban IPs from which excessive failed login attempts were made. More info here:  DenyHosts

Re: Security Tips


1. Conduct a full risk assessment to understand how resources have been separated and aggregated.
2. Validate the process for creating, deploying, managing and making changes to virtual machines.
3. Securely configure the virtualization layer and keep patches up to date.
4. Secure the internal virtual switch inside the virtual server.
5. Exert tight controls on access to the service console and management tools.