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Hi all,

I used to be a teacher, and I wonder whether you have come across an awkward situation when you want to receive feedback from your students/affiliates but don't feel like revealing your personal email, be it Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail or else, because those accounts are often linked to your social website accounts and are sometimes traceable? In the meantime, you wouldn't want to see your inboxes crowded with feedback mails, making your personal emails almost tough to find? What’s more, you would prefer to recognize the person sending the email right away without having to click it open?

I don't know whether you have heard of Disposable Email Service before, but this kind of service can be a great help in the above mentioned situation:

1.    Go to, you'll see 3 text fields;

2.    The above text field is for random PUBLIC inboxes, which are instantly created when emails arrive for them: for example, if your student/affiliate sends an email to, you can type in Tom/tom in the text field and you will see his email, this type of inboxes do not need registration or passwords, and they are visible to everyone who happens to type in the same words;

3.    The bottom text fields, as you can see, are apparently for registrations, just like any other email services, you create a private account via this process, using your own personal email address for registration;

4.    After completing your registration, you now have a private mailimate account, in which you can add different inboxes and make them private: Click on “my addresses” and add to your inbox list, click on “save”.

Then you sign out and type "tom" in the above text field, you’ll find this address no longer accessible, which means ONLY you can see what's in this email address from now on;

5.    What's more, you can also create your own domain names under your private account, click on “my domains” and create a unique domain name. The description could be a little tough to understand, though.(This function is designed to avoid getting banned if you are trying to use alias when registering for something)

6.    You can also use the forwarding service to instantly forward any emails sent to your inboxes to your real personal email. Click on “save”.(You can cancel forwarding at any time)

To summarize, your students/affiliates will only need to send their feedback to, and you will receive their emails using your private mailimate account and not worrying about revealing your personal email or disclosing your students'/affiliates’ personal information (since their emails are only visible to YOU after you adding as your private inboxes), besides, you will be able to recognize the sender right away without having to click it open.


Re: See this if you are interested in Disposable Email Service

You can actually use the email alia feature by your current email provider to have better management of email. wink