Topic: Is SMF forum supported?

Hi, I am thinking about moving my SMF forums here. Will everything work OK? Do you provide any assistance or will I have to move it manually, if so, what is the process? thanks

Re: Is SMF forum supported?

Yes, SMF forums are fully supported on all account packages on hosting24.

Transferring the forum consists of few steps:
> Transferring the files from your old hosting to the public_html folder on your account on our servers.
> Creating mysql database,username and attaching the user to database (done in cpanel).
> Dumping the database and uploading the database dump via cpanel > phpmyadmin
> Editing the Settings.php file with the correct mysql database settings.
> Pointing the domain name to our nameservers.

If you need us to perform this, please contact us when the account is fully activated and we will transfer the forums for you.


Re: Is SMF forum supported?

Great to hear, and a timely response! Got the Silver pack, thanks!